Welcome to Lynesack and Softley Parish Council

Welcome to Lynesack and Softley Parish Council

Welcome to Lynesack and Softley Parish CouncilWelcome to Lynesack and Softley Parish Council
St. John's Church Lynesack


About our Parish

The Parish of Lynesack and Softley stems from the Church of St.John and encompasses the villages of Butterknowle, Copley, and part of Woodland as well as a few hamlets.

The area is mainly agricultural but still shows evidence of it's pioneering days of mining  and railway transport.

The pleasant countryside has many footpaths for walkers to enjoy the open air and rural freedom. 




Piece of land required, suitable in size for a children’s play area and equipment.

The Parish Council are willing to either buy or lease on a longer lease.

Do we have any farmers or land owners in the Butterknowle area that are willing to help?

Please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council on the Parish email address.


Happy children and parents!!!

There's much more to come. Our site is constantly being updated

Our villages and hamlets



The largest of the villages which encompassing a junior school   and village hall 



Having  its own village hall and garage as well as a children's play area and football field.



The location of St John'  Church and a former school



A quiet hamlet to the north of Butterknowle

Parts of Woodland Village


Part of Woodland is within our parish, this also has a local school.


A small hamlet lying between Copley and Woodland

Contact Us

You can contact us via email at Lynesackandsoftleyparishcouncil@outlook.com